Storm Recovery Information

San Diego residents affected by the storm - here is a new resource to assist you with clean up. You can contact this hotline at 619-333-1450 to receive cleanup assistance from volunteers.



San Diego County Supervisor | District 1

District 1 Team

Antionette Velasquez
Interim Chief of Staff

Griselda Ramirez
Chief External Affairs Officer

Murtaza H. Baxamusa
Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs 

Gricelda Covarrubias
Economic Innovation & Strategy Manager

Andrew Harvey
Senior Community and Binational Affairs Representative

Athena Lazos
Chair's Assistant 

Maykent L. Salazar
Policy Advisor

Joelle Burila

Policy Advisor

Andrea Rodriguez
Policy Advisor

Meghan Breen
Press Secretary

Mikayle Lowery
Community Representative 

Isabelle Rojas
Digital Communications Strategist 

Student Fellows

Samuel Middleton
Student Fellow 

Dennise Juarez
Student Fellow 

Diana Montes
Student Fellow 

Natalia Casillas
Student Fellow 

Kaitlyn Chiang
Student Fellow