Storm Recovery Information

San Diego residents affected by the storm - here is a new resource to assist you with clean up. You can contact this hotline at 619-333-1450 to receive cleanup assistance from volunteers.



San Diego County Supervisor | District 1



It was a transformative 2022 and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve in 2023. Thank you for your trust – I am humbled and honored.


As I reflect upon my second year of service, I am grateful for the amazing work we have done in collaboration with county staff, our District 1 team, and community partners, to meet our communities where they’re at. Together, we have created bold transformational change throughout our county – a change that is rooted in equity, opportunity, and prosperity.


I am thrilled to share with you our 2022 Year of Impact Report, which highlights the significant strides we've made to ensure that government is truly working for all and not just some. You’ll find a recap of our efforts throughout District 1 and beyond, including achievements in:

  • Addressing long-standing impacts on the environment
  • Making key investments in infrastructure
  • Removing barriers for greater access to healthcare

My team and I look forward to serving for a third year and continuing our service to deliver the very best for our communities. We’re eager to work together with YOU and continue building a County we can all be proud of. 


To read the report and learn about our priorities for 2023, click on the image to view and/or download your PDF copy.


To download a copy, click: A Year of Impact 2022